5 Reasons Why Your Local Picture Frame Stores Trump Picture Framing Online

Picture Framing Warehouse & Art Gallery’s List of 5 Reasons Why Your Local Picture Frame Stores Will Always Exist and thrive over Online Picture Framing Services.

We Were Recently Featured in a post about custom framing online vs custom frame stores. Thanks to a blog site called https://roomartspace.co.uk. 

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Custom Framing Online vs Custom Frame Stores & Art Gallerys

And Since We are not only grateful they share our same perspective when it comes to custom framing and framing artwork properly but we are ecstatic enough to share our thoughts, as well as reveal the 5 reasons why your local picture frame stores trump picture framing online and will never succumb to the big box online retailers. So if you have a piece of art, poster, a keepsake , a memorabilia, anything of value or not! that you want to frame and preserve forever just as they do once they induct items discovered so valuable they automatically belong to a museum . Why? Because a Museum using Museum Quality Archival Materials in order to preserve and protect its en casing to the best of its ability, essentially forever if done right. For that reason many art lovers do not know the importance of using Museum Grade Picture Framing Materials when it comes to framing art work of value.

Custom Framing Is a Skilled Trade

Certified Custom Framers

Certified Custom Framers

Certified Custom Framers are skilled craftsmen and designers who know how to properly frame and protect your artwork. They can handle a wide variety of tasks from framing your artwork to restoring and preserving valuable artwork. Certified Custom Framers know what materials to use and how to safely handle and frame fragile or expensive art. Their extensive experience in the art framing industry allows them to take on even the most difficult projects. Certified Custom Framers also have an extensive selection of frame mouldings.

PPFA has certification requirements. Applicants must meet certain standards to become members. During the certification process, they must take an examination that measures their knowledge of conservation framing and mounting. This examination requires framers to possess specific knowledge about mounting and glazing, framing projects, and framing materials and techniques. Those who successfully pass the exam earn the designation of Certified Custom Framers (CPF(r) and can take pride in their craftsmanship.


Valuable artwork Requires Museum Quality Framing

Serigraphs, Litho-Graphs, Canvas Paintings, Original Artworks, Artist Proofs Are all different types of Valuable art

As a business owner, you’ve probably wondered why local picture frame stores will always be in business. It’s true that the market is huge, with 9,000 locations in the U.S. alone. But it’s easy to get overwhelmed when you walk¬†into one of these stores – the choices are so many that you may be confused about what type of frame to choose. There are numerous factors to consider: matting (the piece of paper or cardboard inside the frame), molding (the decorative embellishment on the outside of the frame), glazing (glass or acrylic) and framing materials.

In addition to offering more choices, local frame stores are also likely to offer better prices and advice. Experts at locally owned shops can suggest frames that suit your needs, style and budget. And, compared to big box stores, local frame shops are more likely to keep your money in the area. If you spend $100 in a locally owned picture frame store, you will end up donating $68 to the local economy, as opposed to only $43 when you spend the same amount online.

No Picture Frame Stores = No more Art Gallerys & Musuems

Many other industries benefit from the custom framing experts of America. When it comes to preserving something valuable its definitely best to visit your local Picture Frame store. Leave it to the Professionals to Assist you with the proper design and materials to use that will have the effect desired for having the urge of wanting to frame a piece of artwork in the firstplace.


Picture Framing Has To Many Options

If you’ve ever walked into a frame shop, you know how intimidating it can be. From matting, the paper or cardboard that goes inside the frame, to molding (a decorative embellishment on the outside of the frame), you’re bombarded with options. While you may only need one black frame, the options can be overwhelming. In addition to matting and molding, there are other options, such as UV protection and glazing.


Much harder to frame pictures online