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Whether you’re looking for the perfect frame to showcase a family portrait or a beautiful landmark, a wholesale picture framing company can provide you with exactly what you need. These stores often offer in-stock frames that can be shipped the same day for a reasonable price. Some of them are even suitable for gift-giving. Some of these options also feature easy-open snap frame edges. Here are some of the best wholesale picture framing options:

Besides offering cheap prices, wholesale picture framing stores also carry a large selection of frames. These include all sizes and styles of frames, as well as different materials like wood and acrylic. They also offer wall-mounted and desktop display options. Buying in bulk will allow you to get deeper discounts on these products.

If you’re looking for a wholesale picture framing supplier that can provide you with the supplies you need to frame any type of artwork, West Shore is the place for you. They offer wholesale prices on their entire line of picture frames, as well as framing services. They also offer fine art printing services and import services.

Discount picture frames are a great option for businesses on a budget. For instance, discount frames are popular with department stores and fast-food restaurants. Discount plastic photo holders are available with a plastic or cardboard backer and a flexible lens. These are inexpensive and easy to assemble.

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If you’re looking to frame a photograph, print, or other item, a local frame shop can be an excellent place to get your framing done. These local businesses often offer better prices and more helpful advice. They can also recommend the best frames for your needs, budget, and style. In contrast, big box stores usually carry only a limited variety of frames from a few vendors. By comparison, independent frame shops can offer samples from 20 or more vendors, giving you a wider variety of frames to choose from.

Another benefit of local frame shops is that they support local vendors and entrepreneurs, which can help keep your town’s economy healthy. Moreover, local businesses employ local residents, giving a town its own unique flavor. And, as a result, the local frame shop keeps more of your hard-earned dollars in the area. The fact is that, on average, every dollar you spend in a locally-owned frame shop returns $68 to the community. This is significantly higher than the return from a national chain, which returns $43 to the community.

Another benefit of a local frame shop is that its employees are well-trained in custom framing. They are taught the necessary techniques for framing artwork, and are also taught how to choose the right colors and frames for each piece. This helps them provide custom framing for local residents at a fraction of the normal market rates.

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The process of custom picture framing involves a few different components. The first one is the picture frame itself. These are typically square or rectangular, though you can also find them in circular or oval shapes. Some frames are hand carved by a professional wood carver, while others are molded from wood pulp. In some cases, the frame will have an indent to add depth.

Another component of a picture frame is called the lip. This is the inner edge of the frame, and it serves as extension to prevent artwork from falling through the frame. Usually the lip is decorative, or painted a different color. In addition to the lip, the picture frame can contain an original piece of art, such as a painting or lithograph.

Other materials used for picture framing include tape and glue. Double-sided tape and wet adhesives are common, but you should make sure that the adhesive is acid-free if you’re preserving artwork. Other common adhesives include rice starch and water-activated paper tapes.

Many artists’ work is better protected by a frame than by a frame without any protection. This way, the art remains safe from damage caused by rough handling, environmental factors, and other factors. Frames also act as a guardrail against wandering eyes. In fact, Kotler likened a picture frame to a mother holding a child.