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This is a repost from an article we were featured in on rroomartspace.co.uk , who recently submited a post grading frame stores all over the country and much to our suprise we were flattered to be mention in their post about where to find the best framing warehouse when looking for Wholesale Custom Framing.

Picture Framing Warehouse is one of South Floridas Premier Art and Frame Wholesalers catering to the hospitality, governmental and retail industries.

Wholesale Custom Framing Quality Framing Affordable Prices, un-beatable service.

Whole Art and Frames

Picture Framing Warehouse

Picture Framing Warehouse provides high quality picture framing services to clients across the nation. Their mission is to provide customers with the highest quality in picture framing services at affordable prices. They provide you with a full range of services from custom framing, to archival storage, to traditional glass picture frame framing. They also provide convenient storage options such as padded folders, hardbound folders, and oversized mailing boards.

They have many styles of picture frames and are made with either heavy or light stock. You can choose from a variety of paper stock including archival or plastic stock. They carry a full selection of modern and traditional styles for every budget and preference. They are committed to providing you with the best customer service possible.


Most Affordable pricing with the largest selection of picture frames to choose from

If you are looking for a picture frame that has a mirrored back panel, then they carry those too. They can provide you with a custom designed picture frame or one that is standard sized. Many of their frames come with mounting accessories including valances and blinds.

If you are searching for an original oil painting, then you will want to visit Picture Framing Warehouse. We carry hundreds of original oil paints. Our artists are knowledgeable about paintings and bring that artist’s sense of art to your picture frame. If you are looking for framed canvas, we carry that as well. We also have original oil paintings available for purchase on our website and feature exclusive artists such as armen rian and sherry hatchet.

If you need a framed canvas print, we carry that also. If you are looking for an original fine art print, we are happy to help you find one. Some of the items we carry include oil paintings, old prints, and old prints of portraits. We have antique picture frames that range in price from twenty dollars to several hundred dollars. Some of them contain only one picture, others are multi-photo sets.

Whole Sale Custom Framing, Artwork & Original oils – 1 stop shop for Art and Frames


If you are looking for an original oil painting, we are happy to help you find one. We carry both contemporary and antique oil paintings and offer a selection of the most recent trendy designs. We have antique renaissance paintings, impressionists, modern, and abstract art paintings. The prices vary, but we carry the largest selection.

Some of the more popular painting styles include impressionism, modern, art nouveau, American, European, and others. Whether you are looking for a contemporary or an oil painting, we have what you are looking for. We have frames for every type of picture and every kind of art work our famous motto is “You Name it We Frame it”.

When you visit a Picture Framing Warehouse, you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for. We carry an extensive inventory of the most popular picture styles. Most of our items are accompanied by written descriptions. You will also find a large section of decorative accessories that match the picture frames we sell. You can buy key chains with picture frames, or we can sell you candle holders that match your decor.


Musuem Quality framing at wholesale Pricing

Before looking for the cheapest option we must remind you, that you are most likely going to end up getting what you pay for. if you are one who is content with sacrificing quality for money especially when it comes to artworks which many may be prices-less in themselves. we recommend taking a visit at a Michaels or hobby lobby.

From Issac Maimon, Romero Britto, Sherry hatchet, Dan Campanelli (RIP), Banksy, and many More, Picture framing warehouse has been dealing in priceless artworks for over 30 years. from picasso to vangogh you name it we most likely have framed it.

Many people spend hundreds of dollars to decorate their home, including pictures. If you spend a similar amount of time decorating your home, you may want to think about buying a picture frame. They are inexpensive and look nice on your wall. A picture frame will also provide you with an abundance of decorative accessories to use in your room.

You can buy beautiful artwork at a discount. Picture Framing Warehouse offers a wide variety of cheap artCanvas Printing and other decorative accessories. We have an extensive inventory of decorating accessories. If you are looking for something specific, you can usually find what you are looking for. If not, we sell different items to fit any theme. We have several themes to choose from, including modern, traditional, country, and many others.

Wholesale Custom Framing ART AND FRAMES

South Floridas Biggest Whole Sale Art and Frame Distributors

Many people love to collect beautiful art or picture frames. If this describes you, we carry the largest selection of frames and art you will ever find anywhere. If you are going to a show, gallery open houses, or other special occasion where you need a picture frame, we can be your personal photographer. For a small fee, we will take pictures at the event for you and turn them into a beautiful picture frame. This is a great idea for graduation parties, bridal showers, and baby showers. You will have a beautiful picture to cherish forever.

Picture Framing Warehouse offers many services to our customers. If you are having trouble deciding on which picture frame to order, we are happy to help! Our experienced staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and we will work with you to find just the right picture frame. Don’t let your budget limit you. Visit Picture Framing Warehouse today to see what wonderful selections we have. You will find something perfect for your home.


Picture Framing Warehouse & Art Gallery  Also Offers a Large Selection of ready made frames, With Over 30 years in business operating from the same location nothing much has changed not even the prices! They offer museum quality custom framing at wholesale prices. Your most delicate pieces of artwork are sure to be in safe hands with their staff filled with certified custom framers by the CCFP they are fully equipped to handle even the most priceless of objects to the most biggest of projects. they also cater to the hospitality industry as well as government contracts with locations in New Jersey and South Florida room art space highly recommends you bring your artwork to picture framing warehouse and art gallery. especially your keepsakes and memorabilia’s.

Don’t Forget all the extraordinary things we at PFW specialize in making Last forever, For example many of the awards or items derived from some of the best memories we will ever share are just some of the many things picture framing warehouse specializes in when it comes to encasing that memory using musuem and archival material only to back up the free life time warantee we offer to everyone who ever gives us the opportunity to display our craftsmanship.

thats right We guarantee no damage what so ever will occur and if some shall occur by accident , all you have to do is bring it in and we will still repair your priceless pieces absolutely free.

Why Buy at Picture Framing Warehouse?